For groups of 8 or more, we are happy to propose the group menu. For groups of 16 or more, we can also organise a sandwich or tasty barbecue with buffet. For any group, we recommend taking the drinks package. Happy to organize buffet, barbecue, receptions and walking dinners, please contact us for a quote.

Please look at the bottom of this page for more practical info.


For groups of 16 or more, we can provide a sandwich meal: 2 sandwiches per person and up to 6 varieties to choose from with additional salad and fresh soup: € 16 pp. This can also be served outside depending on the weather.


  • 3 courses € 45
  • 2 courses
    starter + main course € 39
    main course + dessert € 34



  • Pepper soup with sour cream & croutons V
  • Fresh stuffed figs with goat’s cheese, honey and bacon
  • Carpaccio of smoked salmon and beetroot
  • Ravioli in parmesan cream sauce


  • Steak (Blanc Bleu Belge 1st choice 220 gr) natural with salad and fresh fries
    • Butter from freshly picked wild garlic + € 4
    • Pepper cream sauce + € 4
    • Archiduc mushroom cream sauce + € 4
  • Burgundian stew with lots of vegetables
  • Fish of the day with cauliflower puree, roasted cauliflower and curry dressing
  • Pasta Pesto with burrata V


  • Pavlova
  • Lemon cheesecake
  • Sorbet with fresh summer fruit
  • Coupe Brésilienne with caramel and nuts
  • Plate of Belgian cheeses + €6, ideally with a glass of Belgian apple ice wine or cherry wine + €8



  • White and black sausage with apple paste
  • Fresh stuffed figs with goat cheese, honey and bacon, also without bacon (V)
  • Ravioli Chorizo with its spicy sauce
  • Ravioli Ricotta/Spinach with its sauce V


  • Steak (Blanc Bleu Belge 1st choice 220 gr) natural with salad and fresh fries
  • Butter from freshly picked wild garlic € 4
  • Pepper cream sauce € 4
  • Archiduc mushroom cream sauce € 4
  • Burgundian stew with lots of vegetables and fries – medieval recipe Dieric Bouts festival
  • Bouts sausage (2) with onion stew – medieval recipe Dieric Bouts festival
  • Old-fashioned “veggie” queen snack with fries – own recipe
  • Salmon baked on the skin with fresh tartare, salad and fries


  • Crumble of autumn fruit – medieval recipe Dieric Bouts festival
  • Sorbet with fresh fruit
  • Crème brûlée
  • Panna cotta coulis fresh fruit
    Burgundy plate with Belgian cheeses + €6, ideally with glass of Belgian apple ice wine or cherry wine + €8


  • Selected Belgian Wines for 3 course dinner: € 18
  • Forfait for cava, selection of wines, beers on tap, sodas, live water to coffee: € 25
  • Forfait without cava: € 20
  • BOB without alcohol, but with mocktail: € 20


  • Hummus with naanta bread, per dish €7 (veggie)
  • Nachos with melted real cheddar, jalapeños, guacamole and sour cream
  • Per platter € 12 or extra large € 22
  • Bruschetta with garlic and tomato salsa: € 12 per 6
  • Mini spring roll with dip: € 6 per 6
  • Large apéro board € 28


Barbecue for groups of 16 or more, € 39 pp meat, € 45 pp mix

Teambuilding, wedding, wedding anniversary, communion, family party, birthday,…
Every barbecue comes as a buffet with jacket potatoes with herb butter or potato salad, pasta pesto, rolls, summer salads and cold sauces: mayonnaise, barbecue and tartare

Meat € 39 pp: Malinois cuckoo brochette, steak, saucisse de campagne
Mix € 45 pp meat, fish & veggie

Fish: scampi, salmon and mussels
Veggie: vegetable brochettes, burgers, fried vegetables (depending on the season asparagus, aubergine, sweet pepper, onion, mushrooms,…)


Béarnaise, archiduc, pepper cream + €4 pp

For a long reception:
mini brochettes, garlic bruschettas, tomato salsa, chicken drumsticks, scampi + €16 pp.


With a barbecue, we can go for the chef’s desserts, everyone makes their choice or we put platters on the table.


Depending on your wishes and kind of special occasion, we propose to make a quote for this.


With our Ofyr barbecues, we can also offer show cooking with our chef, a spectacle for the eyes and tummy. Fresh whole sardines, mussels, cod, lobster: ask for our daily prices.

Côte à l’os black angus, ribeye, filet pur: ask for the possibilities

Desserts on the Ofyr such as pancakes, caramelised pineapple,…


For each reservation, we would like to know minimal 3 days in advance

  • Choices per course, everyone can choose
  • Also let us know choices such as sauce (if applicable) or cuisson for steak
  • How many vegetarians or vegan (yes we have experience with vegan dishes)
  • Food intolerances
  • Planning if time is limited, starting with time of arrival and departure
  • Table arrangement if specific
  • Inside or outside, separate terrace,…
  • Drinks package or all drinks on a single bill
  • VAT ticket is the stand, invoice on request


We block the capacity without obligations on first contact for maximum 2 weeks. When the quote is accepted, we ask an advance of 40% of the total budget. After receipt, we confirm the reservation.

The reservation is final, the number of people attending not. We need to know the final number 24 hours in advance. This final number will be in the bill, no exceptions. In case more people show up, we do our best to serve them à la carte or within the menu if possible.

For payment we offer most payment options including Payconiq and even mobile banking app. Only a few regular big customers can obtain a payment term.